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Indoking agar is extracted and carefully selected from clean red seaweed, Gracilaria (our main raw ingredient); since Gelidium is rather rare in the market, currently. Grown naturally, these seaweeds are left under the sun while soaked in clear pristine sea water that is also rich in nutrients. Once we harvest these seaweeds, we meticulously clean them, air dry them, and press them consistently for prolonged preservation.

The agar is then extracted via our cutting-edge hydrolysis and redox reduction; this balances PH, temperature, pressure, time and water ratio.

Then, the extraction is carried out via an aseptic technique to ensure bacterial count below 10,000 bacterial/gram and both Escherichia Coli and Salmonella must be absent.

Not only that, the purity of Indoking’s agar has the Nikan Sui gel strength of at least or above 500gm/cm2 – white in colour and yields a clear agar solution. This purity is captured through a gentle yet gradual high temperature filtration, rinsing, pressing, drying, powdering, sieving and packing.

Halal Certification by Majelis Ulama Indonesia